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Mineral Supplementation in Cattle

What is the reason why the cattle consume stone, earth or the wood of the corrals?

This happens due to the deficiency of minerals that exist in the diet of the animals, this is frequent in extensive pasture-based livestock.


I am giving common salt, but the cattle continue to consume stone, earth and the wood of the corrals?

Common salt only provides sodium chloride, however Complete Minerals such as Bovimix Plus provide vital Macro and Microelements for the production and reproduction of intensive livestock.


What time of year should I feed my cattle with minerals?

The use of minerals should be continuous and throughout the year, in Guatemala we have two well-defined seasons of the year, Winter and Summer, in the same way in these seasons it is important to protect the mineral supply canoes.


In Guatemala, the intensive cattle farms, whether for reproduction in beef and dairy cattle, the objective is to have 1 calf per cow per year, this is a matter of many factors that implies a well-structured vaccination plan for the reproduction herd, good supply of water and feed, however a factor that in some cases is given little importance is the supply of minerals, the supply of minerals has shown that it makes a difference in obtaining the objective of 1 calf per year. For the conditions of Guatemala there are no areas in which it can be said that mineral supplementation is not needed.

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